Jay 1/15/19 (my 2nd time ever)

My first day at Jay was a powder day. With the Tram, Bonnie, and even the Flyer in the PM all down for wind. Lot’s of fun memories were made that day on the Jet.

So last night, when I read the report that the Flyer would be down for snowmaking…and knowing the "wind"-hold reputation of the tram…I was having recurring nightmares of lapping the Jet all day…great terrain pod, but the remote nature of Jay (for me) made me want to hit everything.

So today I hustle over to the tram at 8:50. It’s spinning. Great. 9am comes and goes no activity…OK, maybe they’re running a little late. 9:10am people are exiting the liftline in defeat. I’m not giving up. 9:15am….ops comes out and lets us on!!! Freezing fog in the AM regulated the skiing to trees (not like I was going to do much else). Tuckerman’s is a really good trail…reminded me of a shorter Rumble at Sugarbush. Face Chutes were kinda disappointing… maybe it was just the line I chose but it was only technical for 5 turns or so before evolving into a wide "runout" that was steep but not worth the reputation I’ve heard of regarding this trail. Most surprising was the stuff I hadn’t heard off that was steep/technical. Deliverance chute, Vertigo chute, and Green Barrett were all awesome trails that had significant pitch that I was not expecting. Everglade was my ROTD…did it four times. Very minimal crowds, never waited for a tram cabin, though I was the last person on with one cycle. I must say…and please don’t crucify me…one day of 6.5 hours of skiing and I did a lot of stuff twice…I still feel like I skied most of the place. It does not ski large…sorry. I still really enjoyed myself and will try to get back. Definitely lived up to the hype and glad I found the unexpected crazy stuff with conditions as good as I did or I would’ve been in for hellova time getting out of some of those chutes.

Trying Burke for the first time tomorrow!!!