K 11/25….

Drove up with Mishka to demo some of his custom skis and get the legs ready. The skis were by far the highlight of the day. The rain and sudden overnight temperature drop led to frozen/hard packed carnage. Lower East Fall was closed after they groomed it, looked like it would be like skiing porcelain. After a trip up K1 and around the Ridge area a few times we went down to Snowdon where we found the same conditions. Not even loose stuff on the sides. Ended up heading over to Superstar and lapping it about a dozen+ times. Upper Skyelark to Bittersweet had some better conditions and far far left side had lots of loose granular zip on.

The entire mountain including Mouse Trap was groomed and even with temps in the 40s it was hard all day. The rain and warm temps really hurt them as they lost 6-7 trails including lower Skyelark which had the remnants of some bumps on it. Even the areas that have been pounded with snow on North Ridge and Snowdon were showing dirt and thin spots. The top 20′ Downdraft and the troughs were dirt. The guns will help resurface but it will get scrapped off quick with the crowds. They were lining up the guns on Cascade when we were riding K1 but not much ready near the Superstar area.

The seven moguls I found…

Upper Skyelark with Mishka

What’s left of Skyelark…

A sad Superstar, just blowover from the top and from Launch Pad….

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