K 12/10

One heck of a day. The 12-14" of snow was worth the 4am wake up and drive up and white-knuckle drive back from hell. Mishka and I started out stuck on Snowdon for 20 minutes and went over to the Ridge Area around 9:45am where there were people skiing the groomed stuff. We were some of the first to get down Powerline and Ridge Run, we ended up lapping both several times until there was not much untracked stuff left. The waterbars/bumps on Powerline made for some accidental airs. Headed over to Ovation when more people were around the Ridge area, Ovation had maybe a dozen tracks down it. Was one of the best runs of my life. After that we made a few runs in the Canyon area as they dropped ropes (or people took them down) on lower Downdraft and Double Dipper. Both had dirt sections quickly and Cascade/Escapade were very slick. Headed back over to Old Superstar which just had the rope dropped and was great. Finished the day by lapping Conclusion 3-4 times since there was still untouched snow on the sides. I learned the hard way why, didn’t know about the ledgey area on skiers right and was somehow able to hang on until the last rock on the bottom right. An amazing day, was riding 185cm with a 110 waist that Mad Mishka created and it was so light I was somehow able to go until 2pm without a break through that heavy snow.

The ride home was brutal and it was really snowing all the way to Springfield, got into Hartford about 10 minutes before my exam. Great seeing Cornhead once again as well. I think he was one of the only brave souls to head into the Julio/Janita area.

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