K Mart 12-13

Skied the K today and burned off my last 2-4-1 deal. Departed Woburn at 5:20 and arrived at the base of Bear at 7:50. Big line up of people waiting for the Bear Mountain Quad to open. Cleared quickly after the lift got spinning. Skied Devils fiddle first which was chopped up but still awesome. Then alternated between that and Devils Fiddle which was also good. Both trails had awesome coverage.

After about 6 runs the lines at Bear got pretty long (15min + for singles). Then moved over to Needles Eye which had low lines. Skied Vertigo most of the time which had decent bumps on the lower 2/3rds. Then moved over to Superstar and skied Ovation and Superstar. Upper Ovation has good bumps, lower had thin cover with lots of rocks. Superstar was groomed out with the exception of the skiers far right which had some oddly spaced bumps but was still fun.

At this time (12:30) the snowdon quad and triple went down. This ended up in the K1 having ridiculous lines which I didn’t want to wait for since everything was skiing so good. Returned back to vertigo and Devils Fiddle to finish the day.

I Ieft around 3:30 for Longtrail and TOR lodge. Overall was a great day. Bear was awesome and Devils Fiddle was the pick. Outer Limits was good too but got pretty scraped off by the end of the day. Everything else was good. All the woods I saw were completely in play. Great coverage and the K legitimately got dumped on. This is coming from somebody that is not a huge K fan. MT Snow tomorrow to close out the weekend

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