Killington 11/8

I skied Killington today with Powhunter and another friend. Great Northern was open again, so we were able to ski down to North Ridge from the top. We hit Upper East Fall which had some small bumps. Coverage was decent, but there was some dirt showing through in spots.

Powhunter heading into the bumps.

We lapped Reason and Upper East Fall several times. The snow was a bit grabby in the morning, and there were slick spots to be found (and I did plenty of slipping on my dull rock skis!), but there is certainly nothing to complain about.

We also hit Rime several times. There were some widely spaced bumps forming in the wet granular on the trail, and the bumps under the chair were still there. They are definitely getting funky, and are skiing a bit like going down a staircase.

Not a great pic, but the bumps under the chair are getting pretty cut up. Bummer.

All in all, it was a great day. Bluebird skies and 50+ degree temps is pretty easy to take.

Powhunter, myself, and our friend posing like a group of tourists 😀

SS in the afternoon. Certainly not what they were hoping for at this point, but you can see the guns lined up for a full-on assault.

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