Killington 5/18/18

Skied what was likely my last day of the season today. Managed a whole 6 runs. I’ve turned into a fatso that can’t ski bumps any more and therefore feel like I got run over by a bus. Somehow had the stamina to ski hard 5 straight days in Colorado but 6 runs at Killington killed me.

Anyway, the coverage is still really damn good. Everything below the headwall should make it to next weekend no problem. Headwall was very skiable today but we all know that it can go away in a hurry up there and it seemed like they used up the majority of the stockpile. Good bumps skiers left midrun where it’s less steep and again on the final pitch at the bottom. Pushpiles elsewhere.

If today was it for me, all I can say is this season probably had the highest amount of quality days in a while. Going to make this an off-season of getting in shape so I don’t go home after 6 runs ever again.