Lonesome Pine Trails 1-2-2019

So, my work often has me traveling to some far off corners in New England. Today, that would be perhaps the farthest corner in FT Kent, Maine. I decided to bag off work early and grab a couple of hours of skiing at their local hill.

I think I can say with great confidence that Lonesome Pine probably had the best conditions of any ski area in New England today. They received zero rain from the New Year's Eve event. All perfect powder snow. Not a scratchy spot to be found on the groomers. Hero cord. Ungroomed had a solid 5" of blower.

Pretty cool place. One T Bar. One handle tow. Skis much bigger than their 430' vertical suggests. Trail lengths seemed similar to Tiger pod at Gunstock. They have a couple of wide trails lit for night skiing and a narrower, winding trail lit (barely) for a park. Beyond that they had 4-5 old school classic New England runs without lights and to my surprise, a few glades. Nothing all that steep, but a fun pitch with zero run out.

Wednesdays they operate from 3-9PM for $25. I managed to sample a glade and a couple of the old school trails before patrol roped them for the night. Perfect snow everywhere, just cold. As soon as the sun went down it dropped to -5

Pics to follow.

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