Magic 2/14




Not a true powder day but very good. Recent snow was 4-6”, then sleet, then another 2-3”. There was not a crust, just a more dense but cushioning underneath layer, while floating on top 2-3”. Ideal base – the equivalent of 14-15” of “normal” snow so a big help. It groomed out to perfection, and where skied enough was perfect packed powder. Also trees skied well, though other than Narnia I played more on the east side trees. Steepest trees might not be there yet. The challenge were trails that were chopped up and/or wind blown. But once they are skied up enough they too will ski great.

Note the ski report has “Thin cover” on several trails. THis is a conservative warning for those more use to the nearby “resorts”. While there were normal thins spots, rocks and ice, the conditions were well above normal and by no means thin as most of us would view it. Also, several trials opened during the day and others will probably tomorrow. Other than a handful of steepest terrain, everything should be in play. Even if tomorrow is not full frozen precipitation I think this will hold for the weekend.

Rumor has it snowmaking is not over yet so yes this is a new Magic!

Nice skiing with JM and a couple of others for a few runs, and a great one through the zone…..