Magic 2/28/15

I skied Magic for the first time on Saturday and brought along a friend. He is a lower blue skier and despite a few people "warning" him about Magic he was willing to give it a try for the first time as well. Conditions were great with blue skies, packed powder, and no wind. Cold to start but it was in the 20s by lunch.

I have tried to hit Magic in the past but there always seemed to be a reason my trip didn’t happen. I had a feeling lines might be a bit long given the weather and some events that were happening yesterday but I didn’t want to let the opportunity pass by with so much coverage there. Overall fantastic conditions and my friend did fine on all the groomers and enjoyed his day there. I really enjoyed the terrain at Magic and I can see why folks are partial to the place. I would definitely go back although the mountains in southern VT are a bit beyond a normal day trip for me.

The mountain was busy enough that lines at one point for us were getting to 15-20 minutes. Part of that is bad timing and hitting it when the racers would be there. Other times around ten minutes was probably the norm. From following these forums I had a sense of what Magic would be like and I was not disappointed. I like a big mega resort mountain now and again but my general preference is throwback places. That being said my friend made the comment "I liked it but I enjoyed Berkshire East (where we skied last weekend) better. I am not good enough for the hard stuff and Berkshire was closer with no lines". I am sure he would go back with me or someone else but he just would not pick it as a destination on his own.

I only mention it because Magic is loved by many advanced/expert skiers and those looking for a community feel but probably more middle of the road casual skiers is what they need to make money. Also I know in other places on AZ people wondered during the holiday week if limited lift capacity would discourage repeat visits. I am not sure what the answer is but I think it is a challenge for them given limited resources.


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