Okemo 2/6/18

Hit Okemo for a 1/2 day this afternoon. They got 12" in Sunday night’s storm and many leftovers could be found all over the place. Very small crowd allowed for a sampling from each lift in the 3 hours I was there.

Started on South Face, where Outrage was beautiful and soft. Double Diamond was a bit more skied off especially down the middle, but untouched shin deep powder if you dropped in from Wild Thing. Off the Rim was ungroomed and had some pockets still untouched, also very thin in some areas. Easy to tell there was nothing on the natural stuff before Sunday’s snow. Loose Spruce was roped even though it was labeled open on the snow report (quite a few of those today). Meant to check out Forrest Bump but never got down to it.

Headed over to Jackson Gore next. Had a little adventure at the top of Easy Rider on the way down. Saw a nice spot of deep powder on skiers left in front of a drift. Got some air into it, landed and both skis totally sunk. Double ejection lawn dart followed by a scorpion and a face plant into the white room. Glad no one else was around to see it or I would’ve been a candidate for Jerry of the Day. Must’ve been chest deep in that one spot. Quickly dug my skis and self esteem out and continued on. Wanted to check out Whistler/Everglade but they were roped, again listed open on the snow report.

At JG checked out both glades as well as a quick cruise down Quantum Leap which was ungroomed and fun up top. Glades need more snow over there, simply put. Trailblazed a bit off Supernova which was fun for a while but ended up finding a creek near the bottom and had to climb out. The main lines were totally skied off and it was nearly impossible to not hit a rock or tree roots in the middle of any turn.

Went back to the main face for the last hour. Liftline right at the top was an untouched sea of powder, went to check it out as it was listed open, nope roped. Headed down Nor’Easter which was nice and soft as most of the groomers were. Sel’s Choice bumps were still in their infancy and not very fun. Searle’s Way was okay.

Overall conditions were beautiful and will be off the hook tomorrow and Thursday. Anyone headed up please enjoy it, I’ll be stuck at work. Pretty sore as it was my first day skiing natural snow all year, but glad to get in a quick rip before headed west.

We’re on to Colorado.