Pats Peak 1/26/2016

Pats Peak

Condition: Soft PP, Spring like snow

Trip Report:

My son had his ski program and I decided to use one of our tickets from our parent pass. At first, I did not plan on skiing since my wife was out of town on travel and my son wanted to ski with his friends and not dad. However, I put my gear in the truck and brought him there and at the last minute pulled the trigger. Turns out it was a good choice since conditions were primo. Even with the snow being a little soft due to warm temps, every thing skied well and fast. The trails skies were Twister, FIS, Vortex, Hurricane, Tornado, Cyclone and Duster – oh and the Squall Line runout. Race training was being held in Twister, FIS and Tornado but you could ski down the sides still. Around 6, they took down the gates and we got sloppy seconds. I did make most of my runs from Vortex Double which is the fastest way back up. A few runs were made from the Hurricane Triple. It was cool skiing Vortex at night – it was always crusty before or had no snow. Vortex to Hurricane made for a nice combo that I had fun with. I only did Hurricane from the top twice. The bumps on that trail were very irregular in size, shape and rhythm. The bumps in the middle were more spread out and more manageable for me. Bumps to skiers left were very tight with deep troughs. Skiers right had low profile bumps that could be skied a little faster. Of the trails I mentioned, Tornado and Cyclone were the most fun as steep cruisers go outside of the run not being long enough. FIS and Twister, while they skied well, when the gates were down the race scaring on the slopes made it variable and still fun cruisers.

I ended up having fun making fast turns there. I did find some amusing things which are in the pictures.

Had to broaden the target due to so many poor shots?

Wait is this an advanced chair lift?

This is what happens to those unrecovered poles

My wife is missing

My wife was still missing

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