Pico 12/18 and Sunapee 12/19

Thursday I returned to Pico after being their opening day. Conditions were still very good snow wise. They received about 3 inches up top which helped keep things nice. The trees particularly around Outpost were still very nice. Light crowd and lifts were ski on all morning. They have really resisted the urge to groom most of the mountain which was nice to see. Visibility was a bit bad and flat light was nearly everywhere in the morning but the conditions more than made up for it.

Friday I used up a free pass at Sunapee. I have a house close by and while it is not a favorite of mine they are very good at what they do and they know their core audience well. Definitely could see how the earlier storms really favored mountains a bit to the north. The base was hard packed with a layer of granular on top. Not terrible conditions but the Killington area really made out much better. The new (to them) quad in the sun bowl area opened today. I took a couple of laps on the two runs open back there. The first two trips the lift started and stopped a lot. By the third run later in the morning it seemed to be running smoother but it still stopped more than once each trip up. I am sure they are still working out the kinks. When they do it will be a better option back there than the old lift.