Stowe 1-2-19

I have not been to Stowe in a few years. It is one of my favorites but it is far for a day trip and expensive. I replaced my Max+Pico combo from last year with Epic Local + Pico for this year. So with one obstacle down headed up today. Bluebird skies with a "high" of 15 but very little wind so the temps were fine with me. Far from dead with a lot of people who took the New Years week off like I did but certainly not weekend busy.

Run of the Day was Perry Merrill. They had guns on it that were putting out nice dry snow that was not sticky at all. The terrain off the main gondola was really the best today I hit. The stuff off the Forerunner was fine but definitely firmer and I did go to Spruce and it was sunny over there but nothing special. Liftline was ok lots of "cookies" but worth a trip down. The blue runs you access from the Forerunner were machine packed as you would expect but fun. Overall had a great day and it reminded me that I need to make the effort to get up there.


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