Stowe 12/6-12/7/14

Left the house at 6 AM on Saturday in the mixed precipitation. Luckily, the roads were in decent shape and there was little to no traffic. Also lucky that it changed over to snow right around when we hit the 89 interchange. Weather didn’t slow us down too much though. We were on hill by 10ish.

Snowed all day at Stowe, and was cold enough to keep from getting too wet, but definitely on the warm side. I think it was hovering just under freezing. Visibility was a little tough for those without proper flat/low light lenses but I didn’t have much trouble, personally. Other than that, conditions were great. The site said 26 trails on Saturday and 40 on Sunday, but I didn’t see anything open on Sunday that wasn’t on Saturday so maybe they just hadn’t updated it yet. For the number of people, even with the demo day going on, there was plenty of terrain to keep the trails uncrowded.

Sunday was a different story. The temp dropped into the teens at the base and single digits up top. With that, the surface got quite "firm", to put it nicely. Only saving grace was the stashes of loose granular that had built up on the edges of most trails. We did a few runs on the quad and then decided the gondola was the place to be. Staying warm on the way up made the day much more tolerable. They had busted up a bunch of wails overnight on the trail under the gondola so that was like riding on a surface made of golf balls, and Nosedive and some of the other steeper trails were scraped off boiler plate with a narrow strip of granular on the edges.

All things considered, it was a pretty good weekend for early December. I was planning on taking next weekend off but now I’m hearing there could be a good dump on they way, so we’ll see. Got to get while the gettin is good.