Stratton 12-12-14 to 12-14-14

Skied at Stratton from Friday to Sunday.

Conditions were packed powder and machine groomed, chopped up ice, light layer of powder and loose snow. It had snowed about 3 feet of snow in the past 3 weeks starting from Thanksgiving. We got about 18 inches from the latest nor Easter storm with the last remnants falling on the way up. Fortunately, Temps remained below freezing instead of warming up and hurricane like winds as it usually happens. As a result, mid winter coverage all around. Limited to 3 lifts though since it was preseason still.

Friday had more wind chill and poor visibility high up. Saturday was calm but overcast. Sun peaked out on Sunday.

I had a season pass but my friend bought the 99$ launch pass good to 12-19. Pretty good deal as he was able to ski 3 days at 33$ per day.

The new gondola is a mess though. Holds less people due to smaller benches, ski carriers on outside door malfunctioning, constantly delayed due to wind hold(the car’s profile is taller and flatter so not very aerodynamic). Needs improvement.

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