Sunapee 2.11.17

Was a long slow drive from Waltham, as it took about 3hrs, instead of what should be 1.5hrs to get there due to the 2" of fresh snow. I93 had a lot of traffic for early morning on a Saturday, definitely a lot of people getting out for some turns on the snow that fell this week.

Spent most of the day exploring the glades, and found most of them to be a bit thin with lots of rocks and branches to avoid. Best glades were Ridge Glades and Beck Brook Glades both of which I did multiple times, all the others were not worth repeating due to the exposed hazards. Williamson was open all natural and did that a couple times, which was a lot of fun, though the lower section was getting thin in the late afternoon. It was crowded, but not offensively, singles line for both express quads averaged about 5-10 minutes, only a couple times did the singles line extend out of the corral. Groomers did get skied off faster than I was expecting considering all the recent snow, but I was focusing on the glades today and not the groomers for once. After Mondays storm everything but maybe Cataract Glades and Hawes’s Hideout should be in excellent shape, those two glades had the most exposed rock.

Skyway Ledges between the clouds

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