Sunapee 3/6/16

Sunappe 3/6
Conditions: Icy, fast, loose snow/dust on boiler plate.

The description of conditions is a fair summary but does need to be said that there sections on just about every trail where it was possible to get the edges in and carve some nice turns in addition to just slide and drifting turns. Although, you could never be sure if the edge hold will not wash out from underneath you.
Careful planning of your line of necessary in order to maintain safe distance from other skiers/riders.

I saw a couple of overly enthusiastic kids overestimate their stopping or turning abilities and ending off the trail in the woods. No injuries witnessed.

It was a bright sunny day but the temps stayed in low to low to kid 30s and did not soften up the hard surface much.
Given the warm up and rains last week, I think the grooming crews did a pretty good job restoring skiable conditions.

The best trail that did seem to soften up a bit in the afternoon was Upper Cataract – the trail that gets you from top of the North Triple to the bottom of the Sunbowl Express. Also, Upper and Outer Ridge felt like they had more snow on them than other trails. They skied well and it possible to cruse fast on those.
Place got a bit more empty after 2:30- 3:00 and it possible to open up the speed. That was fun.