Sunday River 1/4/15

Lets see...started the day with Tempest lift being down, so had to walk up Barker access road to get to a lift - 1/2 mile uphill in skiboots. So I was nicely warmed up by the time I got to lift.

10" of fluff with some crust on top and a little misty at 8:30ish. We took Barker quad - Right Stuff was beautiful - decrusted in middle of trail, husband and I went for the crusty side and put in some effort. Then went to Bim's Whim...seemed the higher you went the thicker the crust. So being 2/3 tracks down was not fun...nearly impossible to turn in that stuff - appreciated the snowboarders that passed us - they're better at crust busting. Then went to Obsession - beau-ti-ful... Then lift up and took White Heat. Headwall the day before was an icy nightmare - was nicely covered and tons of snow in fluffy pillows with some crust. Then another obsession, then headed to Risky Business - ooohhhhh nice bumps on right. Then Last Tango - nice coverage and mostly de-crusted - very nice run. Then we did another Right Stuff - ugh...quickly scratched down by then...except nice bumps along right. Then a cascade or two...another couple repeats. Never made it beyond Spruce - had to leave about 1:30-2....but I would have gone all day if I could. What a beauty of a day after a week of hardness. I think my goggles handle mist/freezing stuff well - I had no problem seeing but husband was annoyed lol. Not much after 11am or so though.

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