Wachusett 11/19/18

No flying squirrels today, but unfortunately raindrops started flying around 5:45 which put a damper on the night and got me to head out instead of getting soaked. But for the hour and a half I skied, the conditions were excellent. They got about an inch of snow last night and ended with a little rain this morning, so the snow was of that soft cream cheese variety. Perfect for ripping wide GS turns all the way down Conifer. Must’ve been less than 100 skiers on the mountain tonight. I love Wachusett early season when the conditions are good and it’s completely dead. Left my skis to get sharpened and waxed last night and between that and the conditions, today felt a million times better than yesterday.

Heading up to Killington tomorrow. Taking advantage of this terrific start to the season as best I can, because last year proved it can all go to waste overnight.