Whaleback 02/16/15

Where: Whaleback, Enfield, NH
When: President’s Day 02/16/15
Conditions: Very Cold, windy, sunny, packed powder, powder, almost no one there

Went to avoid crowds and high ticket prices…aside from the kids in the snow camp and the racers coming in the afternoon I may have been one of about a dozen or so there. The conditions did not disappoint. Did get stuck on the lift for about 10-15 minutes which was pretty rough. Also wish that Jonah’s Revenge was open, hard to tell how it looked from the top but it looked nice from below. Face was open but the top steep section looked a bit scratchy in spots, I decided not to go down it. Tried Blow Hole and the snow was great on it, but it was beyond my skills so I bailed over to the lower section of Face which had nice chopped powder. Trail of the day for me was Fluke, completely natural but real mellow in pitch. Beluga was also a nice short tree run, had to go back to that as well. There was even some boot to shin deep powder to be had on some of the connector trails.

If you want to try out Whaleback now is the time to go.