Telemark Festival and USTSA Nat’l Championship at Bromley 2/27

By AlpineZone News |
Feb 13 2014 - 02:45 PM

telemark at bromleyBROMLEY MT. – Kåre Andersen’s 29th Annual Telemark Race & Festival, which will showcase the top free-heel skiers in the Northeast on Sunday, February 23, this year serves as a fitting warm-up to the United States Telemark Ski Association’s (USTSA) National Championships, at Bromley on Thursday and Friday, February 27th and 28th.

IMAGE: “Free that heel!” Sarah Alley getting it done on Stargazer. James Schriebl Photography.

“This is really wonderful timing,” said Bill Cairns, Bromley President and avid telemark skier. “Kåre’s Festival, which is a great time by itself, offers a great cram-course on tele-skiing for competitors and spectators both, with races and clinics for all ages and abilities. Anyone interested in coming up to watch or compete in the National Championships on the 27th and 28th couldn’t ask for a better primer.”

The USTSA National Championships is the premier telemark event in the country, bringing at least 36 Elite US men’s and women’s team members from all across America to the two-day competition. Combined, all classes, including the citizen’s class, will field between 50 and 80 racers. The overall winners will be crowned National Champions on Friday evening.

“We’re very excited to mount the 2014 USTSA National Championships at Bromley, a mountain long known for its commitment to our sport,” said Josh Lanzetta, President of the USTSA. “We’re proud to help recognize and promote the legacy of Bromley’s own Kåre Andersen and his lifelong devotion to the sport of telemark skiing.”

The public is invited to test their skills against the nation’s best at both Kåre’s Festival (visit for schedule and packages) and the USTSA National Championships (discounted registration online at; full price registration on site on the day of event).

Bromley Mountain is located at 3984 Vermont Route 11, Peru, Vermont, six miles east of Manchester. For information on any and all things Bromley, visit