Berkshire East 2-20-2016

Got there early, temps were expected in the low 50s and sunny and that's what we got. Maybe an inch of snow overnight gave things a nice coat, all trails were groomed and nice. Turned into loose corny granular pretty quick and made for a real fun day. Berkshire East has done a great job keeping trails covered edge to edge on everything that has snowmaking.

Only woods that were "skiable" were Blizzard Island, it was very thin in there but they do a good job clearing it out so not many obstacles. There were another half dozen people skiing it same time I did.

There was a very large college race meet today apparently with racers from many states. Never seen a slalom course the entire length of Competition before, even when I used to race there. Looked pretty high level.

Great day for fast skiing on runs like UMass > Lower Minnie Dole , Flying Cloud and Big Chief.


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