Cannon 12/23/16

Nice day at Cannon today. Temps in high 20s to low 30s. A bit cloudy at the top to start at 9 but it cleared out early on and was mostly sunny and no wind to speak of. I skied 9-1:30. I expected the worst after the wet warm weather last Sunday. By mid day some trails had a firm base showing through here and there but generally I was surprised how good things were. Overall I was very happy I spent a good part of the day at Cannon. Coverage was good, and a good crowd for a weekday.

Route of the day was Vista. Soft snow on a firm base made it worth several runs and the view of course doesn't hurt. Tramway was also very good. On the Front Five Avalanche was bit too firm but Zoomer was nice. Gary's and Rocket were very good. Zoomer and Peabody had no lines when I was lining up for a chair. Tram was busy.

First day for the tram. The T bar was supposed to open but I made my way over there and the rope was up for both entrances to Mittersill. On the way home I drove into the parking lot down that way and several snowmobiles were next to it so I am wondering if something went wrong after it was in use or maybe it didn't run at all.

Looking down Vista Way:
Looking up Vista Way:
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