Le Massif-3/22/16

I was really excited about this part of the trip. David told me repeatedly that I had to calm down. When we turned into the access road off of 138 he thought I was nuts. Parking at the summit was a real twist and I liked booting up and putting my skis on and taking a run. It was colder today, -11 to -5 C, but it was also much sunnier and by the PM it was Bluebird.

The views here are breathtaking. I was told more than once that there are people who are afraid to ski here because of the sheer drop to the water. It was awesome. There is no picture to really do it justice so I just enjoyed gawking at it.

The new gondola is deluxe, a real luxury Gondi with see through sides. We took a few warmups here and then headed to the Grande Pointe HSQ.

It was here we stayed the whole day. Conditions were similar to the day before at MSA but the sun had a real impact in the PM. There are trees to ski everywhere in this area. A few on the map were La Tourelle, L'Artimon, La Chaudiere, and La Coursive. But you don't need a map really because all the trees here are skiable. Most of my pics are in unmarked areas.

This was a great day, and it really made me feel better about the bad winter we had. When you see the snowbank pic, consider that all of the locals I spoke to told me that this winter was "well below average" regarding snowfall.
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