Mount Snow 3-24-16

Took advantage of the kids having the day off from school and added to my Easter weekend of skiing!

Got on the hill at about 12:30 - heard from friends me and my kids saw in the lodge who had been skiing since opening bell that the overnight freezing rain had it firm and crispy at the start but that the snow had corned up nicely now.

The Northface was closed for the day due to the icing overnight so we just lapped the Bluebird for about 2 hours, skiing all the open terrain on the main face.

Solid coverage top to bottom on Cascade to Canyon which was in our opinion the best route this afternoon.

Ridge has some thin spots that are easily avoided, with the pitch still very well covered.

Lodge is getting thin near the top of the pitch by the top of the Ego Alley lift, but otherwise has decent coverage. Snowdance has a few, isolated thin areas that some snow can likely be pushed into without much difficulty.

Not sure how many more days Ego Alley, Drop and Yardsale have left in them as either some grass skiing or a few steps of walking are required to get to the top of Yardsale and drop had a couple of short dirt jumps involved in it, and Ego has a windy S turn like path for the 1st hundred yards or so that is getting thin in places.

All in all some classic 2 more weekends of operation left spring snow today!
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