Mount Sunapee – Mar. 25, 2015 Weds.

It's been 5 years since my last trip to Sunapee. There was a pretty good crowd considering it was a non-holiday late in the season Wednesday. Parking Lot #1 was full as were the roadside parking between #1 and #2 and there were even a few cars in Lot #2. There were no real lift-lines, but there were very few chairs going up empty.

Sunapee certainly deserves its reputation for excellent grooming. There was corduroy on virtually everything except the glades (which were all closed) and the two bump areas. Despite the fact the temps reached the 40s, the air was dry and the surfaces never really softened. The bumps finally became marginally skiable after 1:30PM, but very few skiers were in them. Most who were, made a couple of "test turns" and either fell or were vomited out onto the groomed.

The ones under the North Peak FG actually had a pretty good rhythm. The ones by the (new) Sunbowl HSQ had (for me) a natural flow from left to right. I had to work hard to get back to the left periodically.

The (new) Sunbowl HSQ is a super improvement to Sunapee. That ride used to feel like it needed to be measured with a calendar, rather than a watch.

Weather was bluebird. If it was 5 degrees warmer (and the surface softened a bit more) it would have been a perfect day.

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