Pico 3/29/14

Drove to Rut Vegas with the boy last night. Got up and got to Pico at 7:30. Car was wet so it must have rained a little last night, temp was about 37 in Rutland, 35 from Mendon to Pico, fog about the tops of Little Pico and Outpost. Snow was soft on the groomers and we found out pretty quickly manky (that's the only term I know for it) anywhere ungroomed. Since the top was fogged in decided to hit Golden and Outpost. With Outpost it was almost a case of too little traffic. The troughs were just full of this wet cement like snow that just kind of swallowed you up. I kind of fell in a hole at one point. Ceiling was lifting, but not all the way. Took run off summit which was still a little frozen up but edgeable then Little Pico B Slope which the boy wanted to do. Finally headed up to the summit as it was clearing. Hit Summit Glades, had an awesome run down big soft moguls, nice troughs. Broke for a bite and came back out about 12:30 to a totally different day. Sun and visibility are great things. Hit Giant Killer and Lift Line a couple of times and 3 more Summit Glades before calling it a day. All skied fantastic. Gotta love spring where the conditions can change from run to run. There's a lot of snow on the mountain. Tonight's going to be an interesting one as Killington seems to be sitting about the mix line. Was pretty warm at base 45 or so.


Lake Hopatcong, NJ

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