Stowe 4.12.15

Stowe 4.12.15

Arrived 8 am- already warm at base, about freezing at summit. Firm up top early so took few groomers to let the sun do its work. Lord, north slope, nose dive, And it did do its work. About 9:45 or so ropes dropped on hacketts and we dropped in right behind patrol.. Superb corn nice bumps and great cover- some rocks and stumps but all avoidable... First of many superb corn bump runs. Followed that up with lord loop to haychute to s-53 to middle Starr down (top still roped)- nice but had some untracked cement from the day before in the troughs. Next was centerline - sweet soft bumps- down to t-line looking for bumps- none there but tasty corn. Centerline again to Christie glades- trees were a bit tricky where untracked -but base was deep deep. Next goat from the tips- had to be one of the first after the ropes dropped- top was narrowed in spots but quite good- everything headwall down was wall to wall sweet bumps. Couple of thin spots in the usual places. Over to Starr headwall- great cover- soft and edgeable even on the blue snow- over to lookout via s-53- amazing bumps. Some beginning of brown out where it always goes early but plenty of snow. Another trip down goat, than liftline ttb, top was great, most of middle groomed but was bumping up and they left some on the side- then national drop in to national ttb, bumps top and bottom- middle not so much- then over to hayride- which had been groomed but was bumping up. Ended with screaming legs on slushie groomers... Great day. Had to be mid 40s to near 50 at summit, and low 60's base.

Got quite busy for April- big line at the forerunner until they opened lookout chair and folks legs started to quit. Lines were tough from 10:30 to maybe 1:30- but ski on early and late.

Again having trace issues - have lost a lot of runs, and even some entire days with trace issues this year... Maybe the update I just downloaded will fix...

Some pics ImageUploadedByTapatalk1428976077.049973.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1428976125.382305.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1428976148.298921.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1428976181.165338.jpg

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