Wachusett 12/5/19

Quick hitter after work. Got in 16 runs/15K vert between 4:30 and 6:45 and headed out. Wachusett is the only mountain on the face of the earth that somehow has worse conditions after most snowstorms than they did before them. And somehow, after 27" fell Sunday-Tuesday, there was more hardpack to go around tonight than there ever should have been. First run down 10th, right above where the moguls are usually set up my legs came out from under me after suddenly hitting boilerplate that I didn't expect 2 days after 2+ feet of snow fell.

That said, the sides of the trails were sporting a lot of nice loose snow. Conifer was the better of the two summit trails. Lower half of both was fine with perfect packed powder, so maybe the top got wind blasted or something. Tracks in the woods everywhere and the "natural" cutoffs and side trails are all well covered. Didn't ski them tonight due to no lights, but they all looked good for daytime if you can avoid the Old Growth Forest police. Balance Rock and Roper's Road are also open au natural, those must be in good shape too.

Never got over to Minuteman, but I'm guessing those trails are in good shape. Look Ma and Hitchcock added since last time I was there, maybe I'll check them out next time. Guns roaring top to bottom on Smith (as well as Frannie's and Piece of Cake... if they ever care to run the lift so you can ski them). Should be 100% open by Sunday. Fun night overall, it really was definitely skiing better than I just made it sound, I just don't understand how Wachusett ALWAYS gets worse instead of better after a snowstorm.

Sounds like we may be in for an inch or two tomorrow afternoon, so might head back up for a couple hours after work again. Looking at Killington on Sunday maybe. Trying to milk this good snow for all it's worth before it gets rained on next week and then freezes solid.

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